Maxon Effects

Maxon Effects

The Maxon story is an interesting one because they began their life as a company licensed to build pedals for guitar giants, Ibanez, but have since moved on to their own original pedals.

These pedals are super popular with original Ibanez pedal enthusiasts as they use vastly different internal components from those used by Ibanez at the moment. Though the sounds and look may be familiar, Maxon are a completely separate company from Ibanez. They make their own TS-style pedal as well as choruses, flangers and phasers that are wort a look too.

The major Maxon difference is the quality of the components that they use. In a world where boutique pedal manufacturers are around every corner in the music industry, you can be sure of the quality of Maxon products.

All Maxon pedals have got internal trim pots that’ll also enable you to deep-edit the sound and feel of your Maxon pedal. This is a unique function not offered by many other pedal companies and unlocks a different side to each pedal that you buy.

Check out the full Maxon range below and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help.