Ever get fed up of struggling with studio reshuffles and squeezing loads of equipment into a small studio space? That's why LOCI came up with its versatile click-and-lock solution. All of their stands are inter-connectable, which means that they can easily expand as your studio does. They’re super-easy to assemble in seconds with no screws or bolts, and they pack away flatly making them ideal for gigging.

Primarily developed for the synth and modular market, LOCI is however perfect for any electronic gear such as laptops, tablets, controllers, amps, speakers plus DJ and music production equipment. LOCI products are beautifully detailed, being Laser cut from durable and ethically-sourced oak veneer.


"If you are into music technology, then you are gonna love that sort of thing...there's a new stand system for you to GAS over - LOCI." - Sonic State

"Great looking modular stand for use with Eurorack or desktop gear." - Sound On Sound

"In comes LOCI with the worlds first extendable interlocking wooden modular desktop stand that’s so versatile, you won’t believe how you lived without it." - Gearnews

"The Loci stand goes everywhere with me now. Such a versatile stand either in the studio or on tour. I'm always impressed how it can make any workflow feel more accessible." - Nigel Mullaney