Levy Guitar Straps

Levy Guitar Straps

For years, the Levy name has appeared everywhere in the guitar world. They may not have the same star-power as large guitar brands, but Levy has supported the community with their reliable straps for decades.

As the lifeline for your expensive and precious instrument, you will want to ensure that you are using one that's rugged and comfortable, qualities that Levy integrate into all of the straps in their catalogue.

History of Levy Guitar Straps

Levy’s Leathers was established in 1973 by Dennis Levy. With humble beginnings, Levy and his wife started the company to craft and sell belts, watchbands and guitar straps. With Dennis’ guitarist brother Harvey Levy joining their team later in the 70s, he offered a number of ideas for guitar strap design, based on his experiences playing live.

Identifying the importance of a robust strap and its secondary purpose as a fashion accessory, throughout the decades the brand has gone from strength-to-strength with its innovations. Staying in touch with the industry, Levy continue to select top-quality leathers from the same tanneries as elite fashion companies, always making sure that their products are as durable as they can be.

Remaining a family business, the next generation of Levys are heavily involved with the running of the company in the 21st Century.

The Levy Range

Levy’s current range starts at the M8 series; highly-affordable Polyester straps that are available in a range of different colours. Ideal for beginners, these straps are still durable and long-lasting like their leather counterparts. The MP series is the next step up. Also constructed from Polyester, these straps come in a raft of different printed designs, sure to really catch the eyes of your audience.

Levy’s leather guitar strap lineup begins with the inexpensive DM series, boasting Levy’s acclaimed build quality and stellar aesthetics. If you’re looking for a more comfortable strap that offers better support for heavier instruments, the padded versions of these straps are worth considering.

The MS series is at the top of the Levy catalogue. Handmade and featuring foam padding, these super-sturdy straps are for the players that want vintage style and a strap that lasts a lifetime.