KMA Audio Machines

KMA Audio Machines

German stompbox aficionados KMA Audio Machines create stories through their pedals. They know you want something new, creative and inspiring – but something to serve up the staple sounds, too.

There’s a wide choice of fuzz and distortion pedals to choose from, including the gnarly Wurm distortion, versatile Dead Stag and either a Fuzzly Bear silicon fuzz or Minos Germanium variation.

KMA also delve into some fascinating modulation and utility pedals such as the incredible Horizont stereo phaser, Queegueg sub octave and intuitive Tyler splitter – making your current pedalboard setup sound even crisper.

The German specialists craft each pedal with tremendous precision and premium electronics like Alpha-Pots, WIMA or Panasonice caps, Neutrik Jacks and Hammond die-cast enclosures. Not only are these pedals seriously cool looking on your pedalboard, but they’ll survive the hard graft over years of use.

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