Keeley Distortion & Overdrive Pedals

Keeley Distortion & Overdrive Pedals

The bread and butter for Keeley pedals. If there's anything they know how to do well, it's overdrive. Some may think overdrive and gain is simple and boring. But once you've had a listen to the Keeley line-up, you'll definitely think twice.

Germanium, silicon, digital - whatever flavour dirt there is, Keeley has it covered. They're not ones to shy away from creating unique sounds and also combining the likes of fuzz with modulation and echo effects. Just explore the Dark Side or Monterey to find out how great a bit of gain can be with modulated madness.

But the core range of Keeley overdrives lies in the likes of the Oxblood, Red Dirt and El Rey Dorado. You can muster some serious Plexi vibes, transparent gain and smooth ramp in your sound. Go for a British mids-heavy sound with the 1962X or super distortion with the Filaments. Get fat and fuzzy tones from the Retro Super Germanium Phat Mod and Super Phat Mod. Whatever you need from a fuzz or overdrive, Keeley are on hand with the answer.


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