If you’re looking for an industry standard suite of mixing or mastering tools, you’ll have heard Izotope’s name come up. Based in Massachusetts, USA, Izotope have been creating powerful plugins since 2001, focusing on developing intelligent audio technology.

Izotope does a wide variety of plugins and VST effects, but they are best known for their 3 wonderfully powerful music production suites, that between them cover the whole mix and mastering process.

Izotope RX

The Izotope RX Suite gives you the power to fix all your audio glitches, repair your waveforms and perfect your tracks. It's become invaluable to both musicians and film post production teams that need to iron out any audio issues without having to record another session. RX is now available in 2 different options specifically catering to music production or post production

Izotope Neutron

Izotope’s newest suite Neutron is dedicated to the mix process of music production. It offers powerful, intelligent tools like mix assistant that helps you balance your mix and identify problem areas where tracks are fighting for space in the mix. It offers an award winning audio processing engine with all the key mixing tools you’ll need to create a professional mix.

Izotope Ozone

Ozone is perhaps Izotope’s best known plugin suite- as it offers a full selection of Mastering tools. Whilst we all would love to send all our tracks to the professional master engineer at Air studios, the reality is that often we do it ourselves. Ozone gives producers the chance to give their tracks cohesion and that final dusting that brings the track together. Ozone features a specific set of mastering tools for you to analyse and look at your track from a fresh perspective.

In addition, Izotope have added their innovative intelligent analysis tools that help guide you through the mastering process, like you have a mastering engineer helping you along the way.