Hiscox cases are designed to be attractive, strong and safe. No one wants to put their prized instrument in a case that won’t offer the best possible protection and a snug fit which is why you should go for Hiscox if you want the best for your instrument.

Their innovative designs are combined with rigorous testing and manufacturing techniques for a range of products that are incredibly durable whilst remaining lightweight. This is essential for any travelling guitar player.

The Hiscox Case Range

Hiscox are simply the best choice you can make when buying a guitar case. They bespoke cases for major brands like PRS, Fender, Gibson and many others – including those pointy shaped guitars.

Their flight-cases are super-lightweight but will allow you to get on that plane without adding too much extra cost to your luggage bill!

You can also get a custom built Hiscox case for any guitar you own which can be ordered from us here at Andertons Music Co.

Check out the full Hiscox range below and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help.