DV Mark Amplifiers

DV Mark Amplifiers

DV Mark are affiliated with world-leading bass amp brad, Mark Bass. Though DV Mark focus on the guitar side of things instead. They're known for creating reliable, lightweight, solid state amps that provide the perfect pedal platform and give you some serious class D gain sounds.

Famous users include the likes of Eric Gales (who has his own signature amp called the Raw Dawg), Michael Angelo Batio and Greg Howe.

The DV Mark Range

One of the most popular DV Mark amps is the Little Jazz and the Jazz 12 combo that both provide the perfect clean pedal platform. Though it works beautifully with pedals, it really shines when you plug a nice hollowbody jazz guitar in and play your favourite modal lick.

Other impressive DV Mark amps include the Guitar Friend 12 combo. This amp has a neodymium speaker making it super lightweight (like all DV Mark Amps) and 2x channels. It's got an uber-clean solid state clean channel and stunning lead channel for those ripping guitar solos.

Check out our DV Mark range below and get in touch if you see something that isn't on our website - we'd be happy to help.