Diamond Pedals

Diamond Pedals

Originally founded by Michael Knappe in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2003 Diamond Pedals had a goal to create devices that improve the sound quality of the modern guitar player, while maintaining familiar product usability.

In 2005, a new era of innovation in the pedal industry was ushered in. That was the year that Diamond introduced their now legendary Compressor and the game-changing Memory Lane; the world-first all analog tap-tempo Delay.

SolidGoldFX ended up acquiring the Diamond Pedals brand and designs in 2021. After two long years of endless research, development and tinkering with Diamond’s original and long admired pedal circuits, the team have launched 5 new devices, all building on the original designs of Diamond’s most iconic flagship pedals.

Reborn, Diamond Pedals will continue the development of sonically excellent and inspiringly innovative effects, with all design and manufacturing now happening in their fully equipped facility located in Montreal, Canada.

The first line of Diamond re-releases includes the venerable MEMORY LANE - digital Bucket Brigade Delay (dbbd), their legendary Compressors resurrected as COMP/EQ and BASS COMP/EQ, the DRIVE, which revives the original J-Drive, as well as the TREMOLO, all faithfully re-created, expanded with new features and circuit upgrades and made ready for the modern era.