dB Technologies

dB Technologies

From two-way active speakers to thunderous-sounding subwoofers, dB Technologies’ PA speakers are renowned for delivering clean and rich tones with incredible depth. 

Translating the tonal idiosyncrasies of individual instruments or full recordings with only the finest audio quality, dB’s speakers are among some of the best available today.

History of dB Technologies

Founded in 1974 in Bologna, dB Technologies has stuck closely to its roots, continuing to design and develop their products at their Italian headquarters.

Now part of the RCF group, one of the industry-leading giants, dB Technologies distribute in over 100 countries worldwide. Perhaps one of the most notorious professional audio companies around, the company continues to innovate and build upon their already stellar reputation.

The dB Technologies Range

The dB Technologies range starts at the Hype series, an affordable active 2-way speaker lineup comprised of 4 models with different speaker sizes. With a lightweight construction, these speakers are extremely portable, allowing you to easily set up your PA system at venues or installations.

The Opera series is the next step up, offering cutting-edge DSP processing and featuring class D 600w amplifiers. Delivering powerful and accurate audio performance across the entire frequency spectrum, these speakers are for the more fastidious sound engineer.

However, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing rig, the ES503 Tri-Amped Stereo compact PA system is the answer. Featuring a 12” subwoofer with a built-in mixer, as well as two column speakers, this portable system is perfect for powering small to medium-sized stages or spaces.