Apogee Electronics

Apogee Electronics

Apogee offer some of the best professional audio devices currently on the market, balancing ultimate sound quality with incredible value for money.


Apogee is a relatively small company based in Santa Monica, California. Despite this, they have quickly become one of the best respected brands in the industry for their innovative and fantastic sounding recording interfaces and audio devices.

They originally made their name back in 1985 with special anti aliasing filters that helped solve early problems in digital audio. From these early beginnings they have created some of the best AD/DA conversion available, and yet with their innovative range of products, the Apogee sound is accessible at a variety of price points.

Apogee's small company setup has created an innovative and out-of-the-box mentality that led them to create amazing new audio designs. Like the groundbreaking ultra compact Apogee Duet for recording on the go, and the Apogee Jam which was one of the first interfaces to connect directly to iOS devices for mobile recording.

Many companies have since copied the designs of groundbreaking products like the Duet, the Quartet and Jam, but their quality has never been surpassed.

Apogee now have a pretty amazing lineup of devices including their flagship Apogee Ensemble, a class leading Thunderbolt audio interface with ultra low latency, superior sound quality and a total of 30x34 I/O.

One of their most recent additions is the Element Series, a new Thunderbolt interface range that offers the legendary Apogee Processing, ultra-fast thunderbolt connection and simple no-nonsense design to keep the costs down. All the control is through the Element Control Software for mac and iOS.