Akai MPC

Akai MPC

The Akai MPC is arguably one of the most influential electronic instruments ever produced, leaving an indelible mark on not just the world of hip-hop, but even recorded music as a whole. 


MPC stands for 'Music Production Centre'. The first iteration was introduced to beatmakers and producers in the late '80s, opening up entirely new avenues for sequencing and sampling. 

A hands-on workflow utilising a grid of 16 velocity sensitive, programmable pads developed a whole new style of production. Crafting loops and beats with your fingers in real-time was now possible; complex rhythms could be made entirely in the box without the need for a studio. 

Nowadays, Akai's MPC One and MPC Live II - with versions available in sleek black, or classic MPC cream/grey - form the backbone of their offering, with the Professional MPC-X rounding out the range. These modern variants distill the spirit of classic MPC's into modern production workhorses.

These standalone pieces of gear let you create far more dynamic beats and layered, nuanced tracks using just one unit - without the need for a DAW. Power, versatility and creativity all contained within one compact chassis makes an MPC a more than worthy centrepiece of any self-respecting producers' studio.  

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