AER Acoustic Guitar Amps

AER Acoustic Guitar Amps

AER amps are ideal for every acoustic player, from the enthusiastic home strummer, through to the touring professional.

The AER range of acoustic amps are portable, reliable & most importantly, make your acoustic guitar sound amazing. They’re the industry standard for acoustic guitar amplification and focus on giving you a sound that’s both natural and powerful allowing you to hear yourself on stage or even as a speaker for smaller coffee club shows.

Their EQ is powerful and truly shapes the frequency response of your guitar without affecting the actual tone.

Range of AER Amps

Their most popular amps are the AER Compact 60 and the AER Alpha. AER also now make a range of acoustic guitar pickups that can be fitted to virtually any type of acoustic guitar.

The AER Domino is their flagship model with an uber-powerful EQ, 4-inputs, a twin speaker setup and enough power (100w to be exact) for 2 singers and 2 guitarists to plug in at once!

Check out the full AER range below and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help.