2hp are named after the slimmest Eurorack module strips. The idea is simple - pack as many awesome sounds and effects into the smallest possible footprint.
The 2hp motto is ‘size matters’, and it certainly does when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck for the least real estate possible.


The 2hp brand was set up by boutique module designer Qu-Bit, so right from the off, you know it has quality written all over. Qu-Bit are usually grandiose; designed to be the digital centrepiece of your Eurorack. With the 2hp brand they've taken the opposite approach, mindful of space and functionality. 

Qu-bit are also known for their clean and classy interfaces and the style suits 2hp perfectly. For such a small module, you'll benefit from the de-cluttered layouts.


2hp have a huge range of effects, filters, samplers, sound sources, time control and utility modules. 

Their most popular creations are the Freez, the Verb and the Arp. The Freez is a chaotic looper that buffers moments of audio of which you can distort and mangle in any way imaginable. The Verb is more on the nose; a stereo reverb that can vary from small room to big concert hall. Meanwhile, the Arp is a uniquely-voiced arpeggiator.

The latest to the line-up is the Pluck sound source module. It recreates the sound of a plucked string using the Karplus-Strong algorithm. It also covers five octaves and a four-voice polyphony for a huge scope in creativity.