Vemuram is a Tokyo-based guitar pedal manufacturer who specialise in producing exclusive, boutique effects for the tone-wary guitarist!


Vemuram guitar pedals are known for their ability to produce some of the sweetest, clearest tones available on the market today, adding heaps of colour and character to any signal chain. The Tokyo-based company employ a number of unique design features that make their pedals both sound and look pristine!

Their design team consists of veteran technicans who, in Vemuram’s words, are ‘seeking the guitar player’s holy grail of overdrive pedals.’ Thanks to their extensive experience in customising and maintaining vintage amps and pedals, this team is considered among the tonal elite – their pedals reflect this reputation! Their range consists almost solely of overdrive pedals, each with a distinct flavour and selection of features.

All Vemuram stompboxes are hand-built from the get-go. This ensures fine attention to detail and a bit of a ‘human touch’ – every pedal has a character and significance of its own. They also use unique brass enclosures, thanks to its ability to cut out static interference. This results in a solid tone as well as a unique, luxurious aesthetic.

The passionate and experienced team behind Vemuram aim to deliver pedals that perform time and time again without harming the sound of the rest of your chain. They’re built to compliment any rig, adding rich harmonics and natural clarity that’ll take your breath away – check out our full range of Vemuram pedals below!