Tama Superstar Series Drums

All you could want went making the step up from your beginner kit. Tama are one of the most renowned names in the business. Their kits can last a lifetime.

Tama Superstar Series Drums

Tama are renowned for unwavering durability, premium hardware and exquisite drum tonewoods. The Superstar is all this in a truly affordable package.

The Superstar series comes in a selection of finishes, constructed with Maple wood that provides a bright, crisp direct characteristic. While great in live settings, it excels in the studio or at home where you can control the resonance.

From its brilliant construction, this kit suitable for a range of styles, and the new Star-Mount System also ensures excellent resonance and sustain. When playing live, you can therefore be assured that there'll be enough projection and volume to fill even large venues, also helped by the addition of ergonomic Low-Mass lugs.

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