Studio Electronics

Studio Electronics are a manufacturer of high quality synthesiser modules and Class A audio gear. Working closely with other boutique companies like slate audio, the result is high quality gear with the ultimate attention to every detail.

Studio Electronics

Studio Electronics create a delectable range of rackmount, desktop, eurorack modules and systems, class A audio devices and more. Their motto is "Omne Quale Supra" which means Quality above Everything - this shines through in their fantastic range of gear.

Studio Electronics (S.E.) was founded in 1981 by partners Val St. Regis and Tim Casswell at the S.I.R rehearsal studios in Hollywood. Their product was a monophonic, programmable, discrete "Premium Quality Analog" synth, called the SE-01 that has become a classic in its own right. Recently this magic has been rekindled with the SE-02. Built in collaboration with Roland, the SE-02 is a re-invention of the classic synth as part of Roland's hugely popular Boutique Series of compact desktop synth modules.

Here at Andertons Music Co, Studio Electronics was one of the first major independent brands that we took on to build up our range of modular gear. Their Boomstar compact Desktop synths and Modstar eurorack modules offer an absolutely classic warm analogue sound with legendary filter modules installed. Yet with modern components and design, S.E.'s synths are more stable and more affordable than the classic circuits the Boomstar and Modstar were inspired by.