Squier Jazz Bass Guitars

With its articulate, pronounced midrange tone, the Jazz bass has cemented itself as an icon. The Squier version puts that sound in your hands at a lower cost!

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Squier Jazz Bass Guitars

The Jazz Bass came about as a follow up to the hugely successful Precision Bass. Hitting the market in 1960 the Jazz Bass was designed to appeal to, you guessed it, jazz players. While the Jazz Bass has been popular in jazz genres it has also been hugely influential in the genres of funk, reggae and certain styles of rock. Famous Jazz Bass players include Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Jaco Pistorius, Geddy Lee (Rush), Noel Redding (The Jimi Hendrix Experience), Adam Clayton (U2) and more.

The Jazz Bass differs from the Precision as it has a slightly offset body and generally a slimmer, narrower neck which is very comfortable to play.  The most important difference is, of course, the sound. With two single-coil pickups that you can blend together, you get a great deal of tonal variety in one bass. The Jazz Bass is known for its punchy midrange tone, particularly its tight bridge pickup tone. It also has a more articulate sound than the warm, rounded

Precision tone.

With the Squier basses, you get that classic Jazz Bass tone at a more affordable price than their Fender counterparts. There's plenty of models to choose from so pick the one that suits you the best and start playing!

Squier Classic Vibe Series Jazz Basses

The Classic Vibe series remain true to the spirit of vintage Fenders. It's a simple formula: classic, no-nonsense Jazz Bass design with vintage aesthetics at an affordable price. There are some changes from the original designs to make it easier to play and of course, keep it affordable but you still get the essence of those old Jazz basses. If you want the classic Jazz Bass look and sound the Classic Vibe series is a great place to look.

Squier Vintage Modified Series Jazz Basses

Like the Classic Vibes, the Vintage Modified series provides familiar tone and aesthetics that have been, as the name suggests, modified to suit the modern player.

Squier Contemporary Series Jazz Basses

The clue's in the name with the Contemporary series, familiar Jazz Bass aesthetic but with a wholly modern feel and sound. The Contemporary series have smooth, satin-finish necks as well as either ceramic passive Jazz Bass pickups or EMG active humbuckers, both providing a modern tonal palette.

Squier Affinity Series Jazz Basses

The Affinity series are the best value guitars and basses in the Squier lineup. With the Affinity range, you get all the Jazz Bass goodness at an affordable price point - great if you're a beginner looking for your first bass.