Dave Smith Sequential Synths

Dave Smith Sequential are the barometer of excellence when talking about analog synths. With their distinctive sound, they left a permanent mark not only on the ‘80s, but music in general too.

Dave Smith Sequential Synths

At Andertons you’ll find the best Sequential synths to explore an endless universe of sonic possibilities. Kit out your studio with a legendary analog synth: the Prophet-5 is back in full swing, as a faithful reproduction of its ‘80s forefather, with some additional treats for modern users. Turn the ‘vintage knob’ and enjoy the warm, distinctive sound of the past, then get creative with modulation and sound design via the intuitive knob-per-function interface. The Prophet-5 reissue also features aftertouch and velocity sensitivity, for rich expressive possibilities. 

If you want to double the experience, you can choose the Prophet-10, a 10-voice twist of Sequential’s masterpiece. To experience a modern, updated revamp of the Prophet-5, the Prophet-6 is what you’re looking for: all the analog beauty with an added polyphonic step sequencer, studio-quality effects and an arpeggiator.

For those who are ready to experience the next level of Prophet, Sequential have also launched the Prophet X, which combines samples with synthesis: digital oscillators with high-fidelity stereo samples, (processed through stereo analog filters)  open the doors to an unexplored world of sounds.