Reverend Warhawk Guitars

This isn’t any regular bird; this is a Reverend Warhawk. Three different kinds, to be exact.

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Reverend Warhawk Guitars

Each one features the same sleek look, with slimmer ‘wings’ and a thicker central ridge – resulting in much fuller, broader tones. However, the three types (DA, DAW and 390) boast contrasting pickup/bridge configurations which set themselves apart from one another.  

D​A - A 9A5 neck P90 and an HA5 humbucker in the bridge makes for quite the dastardly duo. Openness; warmth; clarity; drive; power; punch; these are all created by this pickup partnership.

DAW - The DAW contains the same 9A5 neck P90 and HA5 bridge humbucker as its DA counterpart. But instead of a fixed bridge, a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo can be found in its place. This lends itself well to aggressive whammy playing.

390 - The three 9A5 pickups – whether you play distorted or clean, thick or thin – will cut through any kind of mix. A raw, thick, blues-esque sound offers plenty of bite.