Reverend Bass Guitars

Not to be outdone by their electric guitar brethren, Reverend's range of bass guitars runs the same gamut of striking style with a sound to match.

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Reverend Bass Guitars

Each of the models is split into two different types of series. The Decision P Bass, Triad and Mercalli feature bolt-on necks. In contrast, the Dub King, Sentinel, Thundergun, Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship, and Wattplower feature a set-neck.  

Every bass is crafted from a korina body. This lightweight wood is characterised by a consistent sound, with a noticeable amount of resonance. This leads to a responsive bass guitar sprinkled with harmonics. 

This construction is augmented by the set of custom proprietary pickups. These are designed in-house to tonally match the basses individual builds. They're also meticulously engineered to suit each position - ensuring a well-rounded, balanced tone when you switch.