Reverend Contender Guitars

The Contender series is split into three individual models, with each one characterised by a different kind of pickup/bridge arrangement.

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Reverend Contender Guitars

RB - Includes brand new Retroblast pickups. They’re built for everything from blues rhythms to power chords due to a smooth overall tone, reinforced with a percussive backbone. A Bigsby B-50 bridge is present here too, harking back to some of Reverend’s timeless, older designs.  

290 - A couple of 9A5 pickups contain enough presence to cut through even the thickest of mixes. This is down to their truly raw, chunky blues tones with a welcome level of attack.

HB - Classic. Hot. Humbuckers. This duo offers an astounding amount of clarity with enough punch to make yourself heard, no matter the situation.

That’s where the differences end. When it comes to shared features, each one boasts the same flat-top, single-cut neck design. The offset body paired with a six-in line headstock brings plenty of retro vibes, yet still manages to remain modern looking. Reduced weight and increased resonance are also provided thanks to a strategic chamber that’s been incorporated below the pickguard.