Reverend Buckshot Guitars

More powerful than your average T-Type without sacrificing that signature twang, the Buckshot puts a Reverend twist on a classic design!

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Reverend Buckshot Guitars

The T-Type is a classic design, there's a reason it's been around since the early 50s. But sometimes you want something a little different. Here's where the Buckshot comes in.

The Buckshot is a single-cutaway guitar but with the offset twist that Reverend are known for. The pickups offer a bigger, thicker tone than you'd get on a traditional T-Type configuration. The bridge pickup is hotter for a more fiery twang and aggressive sound, whereas the humbucker in the neck provides a fuller and warmer sound that still has plenty of note definition.

Great for T-Type lovers that want something that traditional models can't offer, the Buckshot provides plenty of familiar twang but with warmer and more powerful tones mixed in.