Red Panda

Small company, big ideas. Red Panda pedals are made for the creative and experimental players out there. Be warned, mind-blowing sounds ahead.

Red Panda

The Red Panda lab resides in the USA, where they specialise in top end, ground-breaking stompboxes willing to push the boundaries of sound. These guys are all about matching unique, characterful textures with intuitive control layouts – making it as easy as possible for you to explore new sounds.

Red Panda pedals are digital. This allows the team to make precise, organic sounding algorithms without being direct models of analog circuits. There are also a select few pedals that are MIDI compatible.

All circuit boards are assembled in the USA using surface mount components. Enclosures are CNC milled and powder coated in a Canadian factory. The final stage of assembly takes place at the Detroit workshop, where each pedal is rigorously tested to make sure you’re getting the best one possible.

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