PRS Paul's Guitar

With every option at his disposal, you can bet Paul Reed Smith picked a stunning combination of hardware, electronics and exotic woods to make his guitars the very best.

PRS Paul's Guitar

Paul Reed Smith is a man of taste. This is his personal guitar; officially named Paul's Guitar. It's packed with classic PRS character, beautiful woods and supreme-sounding pickups with a twist. 

It's constructed from a dense, rich Mahogany and that simply stunning figured Maple top seen on so many high-end PRS guitars. The Neck is made of a matching Mahogany Pattern neck - a shape sitting in between a modern C and chunkier vintage style. It's both plenty to grip and allows for smooth transition around the fretboard, made of a sublime Rosewood embedded with the renowned Bird inlays.

The TCI pickups provide exceptional clarity in any configuration, and what the man himself describes as a "whoopy" sound in the neck and "spanky" in the bridge. Left in standard humbucker mode, they almost have a soapbar quality to them. You can explore a defined, soaring single coil tone when you tweak with the two coil split mini toggles. 

Hardware includes super reliable Phase III locking tuners and the quality PRS stoptail to keep it in tune for hours, even days on end.