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Primacoustic London 12a Room Kit in Black


Recording in a room without proper acoustic treatment can cause you some real problems when it comes to mixing. Whether it is because of too much reflection, flutter echo, excessive bass or just the inability to clearly hear your monitors good acoustic treatment can be the difference between a good and great mix. The Primacoustic London 12a Room Kit has everything you need to transform your 10m2 to 20m2 room into a professional acoustically treated studio.

Live End Dead End Design

At the heart of this pack you have the Live End Dead End design. This means that at the source side of your room where your monitors are you use larger thick panels that remove as many reflections as possible making it 'dead'. At the other side of the room you use several much smaller panels to get rid of annoying reflections but without losing the natural airy sound of the room. When you use the treatment panels in this way you get the best stereo imaging out of your speakers as well as better overall sound clarity, as you have less frequencies bouncing around randomly.

What Is In The Box

You get everything you need to give your room the best sound possible in this pack. All of the panels are as easy to put up as hanging a picture so you can get set up quickly and get back to recording. This also means that you can move them around easily if you need to move.

You do not need as many of these panels in your room as you may think as they are made out of high quality fiberglass giving them much better absorption over foam panels of the same size. Less panels on the wall means more space to fit your growing collection of studio gear. YOu have access to three different sizes of panels in this pack including.

  • Twelve 12"x12"x1" square edge panels that are designed to behind were you sit on the opposite side of the room as the speakers.
  • Eight 12"x48"x2" beveled edge panels that are designed to go behind and to the side of your speakers to help reduce first reflections directly at the source.
  • Two 24"x48"x2" beveled edge panels that are designed to sit in the corners behind your speakers.

Here's what Primacoustic say about the 12a London Room Kit

The London 12 room kit is a 'studio in a box' that delivers everything you need to convert a regular room into a functional recording environment. Designed for rooms that measure between 100 to 200 square-feet (10 to 20m2), the London 12 employs a variant of the popular live-end, dead-end LEDE concept whereby the source end of the room is fitted with increased absorption while the receive end of the room is left more lively to retain a sense of air and space.

The kit itself is made up of a selection of 22 Broadway panels each of which is designed to address particular problems common to most rooms: Eight 12" x 48" Control Columns help tame side-to-side flutter echo and attenuate powerful near-wall reflections. Twelve 12" x 12" Scatter Blocks work double duty by reducing front-to-back flutter echo while providing Soft Diffusion, a cost effective means of controlling the ambient reverb without overly deadening the room. All-important bass trapping is supplied with two full sized 24" x 48" Broadband absorbers that are corner-mounted for maximum low frequency attenuation to help reduce modal distortion and room resonance.

But unlike others that use low-density foam, the London 12 employs our very finest Primacoustic Broadway panels for even absorption throughout the audio range. Not only do they sound better, they are ASTM-E84 tested and meet Class-A requirements for safe to use anywhere. Each panel begins with 6lb high density glass wool that is fully encapsulated with micromesh for safe handling. Edges are resin hardened at the factory to produce sharp architecturally pleasing lines and covered in a rugged yet attractive acoustically transparent fabric in choice of three neutral colors. Installation is just as easy as hanging a picture! The London 12 room kit comes complete with all the hardware you need including the drill bit!

The Primacoustic London 12 room kit… a high performance studio kit that delivers professional sound and great looks at an affordable price.


  • Broadband Panel - Square Edge 24" x 48" x 2" (60x120x5cm)
  • Control Columns - Beveled Edge 12" x 48" x 2" (30x120x5cm)
  • Scatter Blocks - Square Edge 12" x 12" x 1" (30x30x2.5cm)
  • Surface Impalers - Used to hang the Control Columns and Scatter Blocks.
  • Corner Impalers - Used to hang the Broadband corner bass traps.
  • Anchors, Screws and 1/4" Drill Bit to mount impalers.


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