Presonus Quantum Thunderbolt Interfaces

Presonus’ Quantum range represents the cream of the crop; lightning-quick Thunderbolt connectivity and studio-grade performance.

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Presonus Quantum Thunderbolt Interfaces

The Quantum interfaces are designed to offer ultimate performance. Thunderbolt connectivity is a pretty good start; it’s one of the fastest types of data connection currently available on the consumer market. This means almost zero-latency in your recording and processing.

This also means that the Quantum series has a huge capacity for inputs, outputs and audio quality. You’ve got anywhere from 22 to 192 inputs/outputs at your disposal, thanks to thunderbolt daisy-chaining capabilities. Then there’s the 24-bit, 192kHz audio quality – truly professional-grade. Whether you’re looking to expand your home setup or kit out a fully-fledged professional studio, the Presonus Quantum range will tick the boxes.