Presonus Eris Studio Monitors

Affordable studio monitors & bundles that’ll complement any setup!

Presonus Eris Studio Monitors

Presonus are one of the most widely-respected purveyors of audio equipment in the industry, with a colourful range designed to cater for every need. The Eris range comes in at the entry-level, but don’t be fooled by the modest price tag; these monitors get great reviews time and time again!

The Eris range has been designed to make studio monitors affordable. Thanks to innovative design and quality materials, you can enjoy acoustic accuracy and excellent connectivity, at a fraction of the normal cost. Kevlar woofers and Silk tweeters ensure a tight, accurate low-end and a shimmering high-end without any associated noise. The Eris tweeters also have a wider-than-usual pattern, meaning you'll spend less time looking for that sweet spot.

If you’ve got any questions about our Presonus Eris range, get in touch – in the meantime, check out the selection below!