Pedaltrain are one of the worlds premier pedalboard companies that make high-quality, sturdy boards that are easy to carry around and easy to set-up.

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History of Pedaltrain

Spotting a niche in the market in 1999, Pedaltrain was a small start-up that has grown to mammoth proportions thanks to the simple, but effective design.

Their headquarters are based in Nashville, Texas where they ensure that their phenomenal products are distributed all over the world.

The Pedaltrain Range

The series of Pedaltrain products available means that guitar players of all abilities will find a board for their uses. That means that whether you’re a bedroom player with a handful of pedals or the lead guitarist of a band like Radiohead that needs enough space to carry every pedal known to man, Pedaltrain will have you covered.

Handily, Pedaltrain have got the pedalboard planner on their website which allows you to render small, to-scale images of pedals made by famous brands (Like Boss, Digitech etc.) and choose one of the pedaltrain boards to see what it would look like on the board. This means you can get an idea of the size and also work out how you can lay out your pedals.

Pedaltrain boards are sturdy and able to take a beating night after night whether you’re touring with them or keeping them in studio. Different models will also come with a flight case or soft case depending on size and potential usage.

Popular models include the incredibly small, but effective Nano as well as the Pedaltrain Classic and Junior. Another great thing about the Pedaltrain boards is that you can mount most pedal power supplies below the board. This just saves space on the board.

Pedaltrain FAQs

How do you set up a pedalboard?

You'll need to attach all of your pedals onto your new pedalboard, either with velcro or cable ties. Order your pedals appropriately (using our guide) and connect them together with patch cables.

How do you mount a power supply onto a Pedaltrain board?

Pedaltrain make a number of power supply mounts and brackets dedicated to various brands. You'll need to drill holes into your pedalboard and screw the brackets in with the PSU in place.

How do you use a Pedaltrain pedalboard?

Pedaltrain pedalboards are both simple and intuitive. Set them up exactly how you would with any other board. However, the handy thing with Pedaltrain is their vast range of sizes, easy-to-assemble "row"-style designs and the adequate space beneath their boards to hide cables and mount power supplies.