This British brand are looking to shake up the pedalboard world with their cutting-edge designs.


All Pedaldeck boards are built in the UK, made from a strong and lightweight aluminium. This makes their products not only ergonomic and forward-thinking for gigging musicians, but also a greener choice for British players, as they are not polluting the atmosphere by shipping goods halfway around the world!

Pedaldeck's designs ensure that cable management and power supply installation are much easier compared to other brands. Not only do they supply a custom-designed universal bracket, but the simple pre-punching of the board and fixed nut and bolt system means no more drilling holes to fit power supply brackets. 

Speaking of power supplies, almost all brands are compatible (Voodoo Labs, Decibel Eleven, etc.), and even the smallest Pedaldeck Solo supports power supply installation on the underside of the board, unlike mini boards offered by other manufacturers.

The folded aluminium design means Pedaldeck boards are expandable. Need more space? Just bolt another board to the side of your first board! A simple wing nut design means that boards can be built at a gig in literally seconds.