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Paiste PST X Cymbals

Stunning effect cymbals that offer unique tones from Paiste – this is that ‘something different’ you’ve been looking for!

Paiste PST X Cymbals

Paiste was founded in Estonia over a century ago, in 1906. Originally making cymbals to order, the company grew to become a leading name in the industry; they now produce hundreds of varieties of cymbals to suit every style and performer preference.

Combining Paiste’s modern Swiss-influenced design with German manufacture expertise, the PST X range offers quality, affordability and striking sound in equal measure. Made from a combination of Brass, Bronze and Aluminium, the PST X cymbals feature a variety of carefully engineered designs. Careful placement of holes offers a range of trashy, abstract sounds, while pure Aluminium bells offer an unmistakable chime.

The PST X range includes everything from 10” bell cymbals to 18” crashes, as well as a handful of hi-hats and stacks. Their price tag makes them great for beginners to intermediate players looking to expand the tonal palette of their cymbal selection.

If you’d like to know more about our Paiste PST X cymbal range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – in the meantime, check out our full selection below!