Orange TremLord Amps

New for 2019, Orange Tremlord combos are the British Company’s classic take on the cleans of ‘50s valve amps.

Orange TremLord Amps

Orange are synonymous with high-gain scorching tube tone. But they’re taking a new direction with the Tremlord – a combo amp powered by EL84 tubes for pristine cleans at high headroom.

Packed with features, this is quite a new jump for Orange. Usually, their amps are simple and easy to dial in a great sound. While the latter is still true, the Tremlord is equipped with classic sounding tremolo and spring reverb as well as an effects loop, making it a great platform for ambient players. 

It’s all about the clean tones here. Throw out the crushing distortion and high gain, Orange are applying their unique amp voicing to classic twangy tones. They’ve worked with Italian speaker manufacturer Lavoce to work on a sound shaped for vintage guitarists.

Great in live situations and in the studio, the Tremlord is a perfect option for home use too thanks to a selection of one, two, 15 or 30 watt modes.

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