Orange Rocker Amps

Orange Amp’s most versatile range yet. These killer combos pack classic tones, searing leads and face melting overdrive all in the same supreme package.

Orange Rocker Amps

Classic company Orange are at the top of the valve amp tree thanks to their unique British-voiced sound. The Rocker is one of the series leading the charge for versatile, portable design. 

A straightforward combo, the Rocker makes it easy to shape whatever tone you need. It also has the ability to cut the Watts making it perfect for home use, as well as on the stage or in the studio.

As with every Orange amp, you can simply crank the volume to release the glistening gain. But the Rocker can achieve this without waking up the neighbours.

Its twin channel design also makes it a viable option for rock, indie or metal – no matter the musical style or genre. Available in 15 or 32 Watt variations.   

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