Old Blood Noise Endeavours

From their low-key origins working out of an Oklahoma garage, founders Seth McCarroll and Brady Smith have since turned the company into a constantly innovating pedal proposition.

Old Blood Noise Endeavours

Modulation; drive; delay; reverb; Old Blood Noise Endeavours endeavour (see what we did there) to deliver exciting, artistic pedals which push the sonic boundaries. This level of quality comes courtesy of a background which saw the pair working for notable established brands like Walrus Audio. With this important experience under their belts, it made complete sense to start their own business.    

Striking out alone has produced incredible results across the (pedal)board. Every single one they’ve made is truly unique thanks to the artwork that adorns their exterior. These eye-catching designs were created by local artists, with each finish reflecting their own individual style. They don’t just look the part though – they sound amazing too.

The effects will find a permanent home as part of your rig, no matter the style or genre you usually play. They’re just as good whether you’re crafting layered, evolving soundscapes with a more experimental edge, or are simply looking to add the final touches to your traditional rock riffs. Creativity is highly encouraged!