California-based pedal manufactures Neunaber employ complex algorithms to deliver truly outstanding sounds with their pedals!


Headed up by a Brian of the same surname, Neunaber make guitar pedals with a difference. They’ve adopted a scientific approach to the development of their audio gear; rather than a ‘feel’ for good tone, they’ve opted to seek it out via experimentation. Not afraid of the elitist stigma surrounding digital audio processing, they believe that the simplest solutions are often the best!

Their relatively small range of pedals is designed to offer maximum value. Extremely high-fidelity sounds, quality components, small-scale but consistent manufacture, cutting-edge tones. They utilise modern design and assembly techniques, including automation rather than hand-building where possible, and they stick to a lead-free RoHS compliant approach. These are the pedals of the future!

They specialise in ambient and modulation effects, offering ultra-modern and crystal-clear tones. They can be used to great effect turning your guitar into an abstract sound-bank, whilst still having enough headspace to allow you to dial in more traditional tones. They also make great use of stereo output options, giving you even more legroom to expand your rig!

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