Music Man

Music Man Signature Guitars

Music Man make some of the most interesting and unique signature guitars around. With artists like John Petrucci, St. Vincent, and Steve Lukather on their roster these guitars are designed by some of the most talented guitarists in the world.

Music Man Signature Guitars

Music Man have really innovated when it comes to their signature line-up of guitars. Rather than tweaking one of their core models, Music Man give their artists the freedom to design a guitar that perfectly suits their needs. The result is a range of unique body shapes, versatile electronics, and inspiring sounds that really sets these signature models apart.

The roster of the signature artist models include:

  • Albert Lee: The country virtuoso’s angular and versatile model.
  • Valentine: As the lead guitarist of Maroon 5, James Valentine's guitar caters to all his funk, rock, and pop needs.
  • JP: The original signature model of John Petrucci from Dream Theater. A deceptively simple design disguising a host of tonal options.
  • Luke: Known for his work in Toto and countless session records, Steve Lukather’s “Luke” models complement his broad repertoire.
  • Majesty: Petrucci’s more eye-catching model – a beautiful ergonomic design filled with a broad spectrum of modern sounds.
  • St. Vincent: St. Vincent’s model matches her dramatic, eccentric style with a unique body shape and some monster tones.

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