Mr. Black Pedals

Mr Black is a company you may not have heard of before but you will soon know about their wonderful pedals. Based out of Portland, Oregon, USA these pedals are serious tone machines which range from the simple to the insane.

Mr. Black Pedals

The Mr. Black range is vast though they do have some honourable mentions that are worth looking at. Though these pedals can be extreme-sounding, they’re made to inspire creativity and give you a solid sonic platform to work from.

Downward Spiral

This pedal is a delay with a difference. As your note trails off in volume either naturally or from your volume control the pitch lowers on the repeats making it sound like it is falling down and endless pit. This pedal really requires a unique touch to get perfect but when you get it right you will be trying to fit this very cool effect into every song.

Double Chorus

Chorus can be a subtle effect or it can be deep, wet and luscious. While the name hints a 2 modulated delay lines this pedal actually has 4 so you can take it from a simple subtle chorus sound to the depths of the ocean with watery loveliness. If you are a fan of chorus of any type this is a pedal seriously worth checking out.


The ThunderClaw is Mr Black’s first go at a high gain distortion pedal. The idea with this pedal is that its thunderous levels of gain will go heavy enough and will stay tight enough for extreme drop tunings and bass without giving up on great quality tone. If you need something extreme to change up your rig look no further.