Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Kit

A Do It Yourself Moog Synth


Build yourself a Moog synth for less using this fantastic new Synth assembly kit. The Werkstatt 01 is a single voltage controlled oscillator analog synth with 2 selectable waveshapes and a range of controls. It was originally designed for Moogfest 2014 as a patchable educational tool for the 125 participants at the event. The Werkstat has been developed for a limited release to the wider public. If you're quick you can get your hands on the cheapest Moog ever. All you need to do is build it and you're ready to go!

Build it Yourself

"But i'm not an engineer" I hear you cry, "I can't possibly do justice to the quality and craftsmanship of a real Moog". Well, with the Werkstatt 01, you dont need to have a physics degree or mad soldering skills. The kit comes with a printed circuit board containing perfect connections to all your components. All you need is a no.1 Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of wire cutters to assemble the kit using the simple instructions and then you can start messing with the wide range of parameters on board.

Get Stuck In

Although the Werkstatt-01 has only one oscillator, there's plenty to explore in this versatile little box. The great thing is that because you built the synth, you can get stuck in with a greater understanding of how it works.

Your basic oscillator tones come in the form of either a saw or pulse waves with a 9 octave frequency range. To hear the Werkstatt, set this onto a continuous drone with the Voltage Controlled Amplifier(VCA) or switch to using the Envelope generator and play the one octave keyboard with glide control. You can create classic Moog tones and much more using the iconic 4-pole moog lader filter with 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, and a variable resonance control that can push the filter into self oscillation.

You also get a fairly comprehensive modulation array to mould your sound to exactly how you want it. This includes a variable attack/delay envelope section and a dual waveshape LFO that's easily assignable to different parameters. As a result, this is a great piece for trying things out and seing what happens. The Werkstatt goes even further with this, adding an easily understandable and accessible patch bay on the front to really mess things up with your synth tone. You will soon be thinking "hmm now if i put this with that......" and getting exciting results.

Who is the Werkstatt For?

For Starters the Werkstatt 01 is the cheapest and most compact Moog synth currently on the market. So anyone looking for a proper moog tone and doesn't mind providing a bit of elbow grease will get the full moog experience for a steal.

However the Werkstatt is much more than that. If you're looking for a hands on and engaging way of learning how Analog synthesis works, then the Werkstatt is perfect. It's simple enough that you don't get overwhelmed by too many parameters, but has enough features  for you to get a good grip of how everything works and use your ears to hear how a sound changes. You can work systematically or just go crazy and have fun creating weird and wonderful sounds. The Werkstatt offers a pure synthesis playground that you don't want to miss.


Oscillator Section

  • Single VCO w/ frequency control (8Hz to 16KHz)
  • Saw and square waveshapes w/ control for square pulse width
  • Envelope or LFO selectable Mod Source that can be assigned to PWM or Pitch w/ Amount control
  • Ability to PWM the square wave

Filter Section

  • Classic 4-Pole Moog Ladder Filter w/ Resonance control (20Hz-20KHz)
  • Select between the Envelope generator and LFO as Mod Source.
  • Polarity switch (+/-) and amount  knob for control of filter cutoff modulation

LFO Section

  • Selectable Square or Triangle waveshape w/ rate control (2Hz-600Hz)

VCA/Amp Section

  • Select between the Envelope Generator or ON (Drone)

Envelopes Section

  • Controls for Attack & Decay time w/ Sustain On/Off switch

Keyboard Section

• One octave low-note priority legato keyboard w/ glide control

Patch Bay

  • VCA Input0V to +5V in VCA EG Mode, +/-2.5V in VCA ON Mode
  • VCF Input-5V to +5
  • VCO LINEAR FM Input +/-2.5V - NOTE: this is an inverting control input
  • VCO EXPONENTIAL FM Input -5V to +5V, 1V/Octave trimmable
  • LFO CV Input 5V to +5V – NOTE: Negative CV slows LFO more than the panel
  • VCF AUDIO InputUnbuffered/Unmixed AC coupled input to VCF
  • 2x KB CV Output3V/semitone from 1 keyboard - NOTE: Attenuate for 1V/Octave
  • 2x TRIG Output 5 msec pulse, 0 to +5 V signal generated from low-note priority
  • 2x GATE Output0 to +5V signal generated from low-note priority
  • 2x EG Output0 to +5V signal, Simple ASD or AD type Envelope Generator
  • 2x LFO Output -2.5 to +2.5V Triangle or Square wave, selected via LFO Switch
  • 2x VCF Output-2V to +2 V signal for audio or CV uses
  • 2x VCO Output0V to +5V VCO signal, wave selected by VCO Wave Switch

Rear Panel

  • Audio Output Nominal +/-1.5V Signal
  • Power+12VDC Center Positive w/ 1.2A Wall transformer
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