Lowden Guitars

Many musicians regard Lowden's acoustic guitars as among some of the finest in the world. Andertons Music Co. proudly stocks a scintillating selection of their first-class instruments, which "feel and sound like individual 'works of art'".

Lowden Guitars

Lowden specialises in premium acoustic guitars; hand-building its exquisite instruments in Northern Ireland. Founded by luthier George Lowden, the brand's history stretches as far back as the 1970s. While early Lowden models are still held in high esteem, the company has constantly evaluated, developed and refined its lineup throughout the decades - striving for perfection. This approach is clearly exemplified by their stellar, modern-day lineup which represents the absolute pinnacle of acoustic guitar craftsmanship.

"The Lowden guitar is the result of unique design, workmanship and assembly techniques along with our choice of woods" — in the brand's own words. Their "curvy" and "smooth" soundbox shapes are combined with carefully-voiced internal bracing to offer balanced projection and warm resonance - complete with a hand-rubbed satin finish that provides an ultra-smooth and playable feel.

Lowden prides itself on using hand tools and traditional techniques to keep the quality of their instruments at the highest of standards. Like they say, "no short cuts are possible, just great workmanship and attention to detail.” They scour the world for the best guitar tonewoods, particularly decorative timbers which they describe as "the real 'stars'" of their instruments.