Keeley Compression Pedals

This is where it all began for Keeley. Compression pedals are the heart and soul of the Keeley range. These are the best in class for studio and live use.

Keeley Compression Pedals

The very first guitar effects pedal Keeley made was a compressor over two decades ago. He knows a bit about compression, so you're in safe hands when you buy from the impressive line-up. 

It includes the classic Compressor Plus, an updated model of the original pedal. This offers all the parameters you would want from a stompbox suited to studio or live use. Super versatile, excellent sound quality. The very same abilities are replicated in the Tone Workstation and Aria pedals, which combine the humble effect with glamorous overdrives and boost abilities.

The Compressor Pro takes things even further for extreme detail tweaking. If you want to get into all the nooks and crannies of compression, this is the go-to pedal. Bassists, don't feel left out! The Bassist Compressor will serve you well in creating punchy, rich tone.

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