Jam Pedals

Jam Pedals are highly acclaimed boutique pedals hailing from Athens, Greece. Their range of pedals is vast and sure to cover a number of different styles - and they certainly look the part too!

Jam Pedals

Jam Pedals are straight-forward, easy-to-use guitar pedals that hide their complex tones behind simple looking stompboxes. Their components are incredibly high-quality and thus yield great tones across the range.

Whether it be their aggressive fuzzes or smooth and dynamic overdrives to their lush modulation and delay pedals you'll find one in the range that would fit on your board. 

Popular pedals include the dynamic Rattler overdrive and the warm-sounding Delay Llama analogue delay.

Over their many years of operation, their artist roster has grown and players like John Scofield, Nels Cline, Bill Frisell and Kirk Fletcher all use their pedals - to name a few!