J Rockett

J Rockett certainly aren’t your dime-a-dozen pedal brand - they really offer something special! With a diverse range of hand-made effects in their lineup, there’s a reason why their designs are so often seen on the pedalboards of the pros.

J Rockett

Formed in 2006 by Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett, over a decade’s worth of experience has culminated in a strong, streamlined product catalogue. With each of their guitar pedals hand-built in the US, these seasoned session musicians sought advice from many of their former contemporaries to design their stompboxes.

With pedals such as the JRAD Archer and Ikon convincingly recreating the tones of a rather famous gold overdrive pedal from the 90s, the company also boasts a range of other sweet-sounding drive units, including the Blue Note as well as the Allan Holdsworth and Guthrie Trapp signature models.

J Rockett also produce the hugely versatile IQ compressor pedal, featuring a 6-band EQ for unparalleled tweakability. The Boing reverb pedal and also the Tranquilizer vibe/phaser furtherly diversify J Rockett’s current lineup.