Ibanez S Series Guitars

The S series is an established part of Ibanez's lineup. Well-known for their thin and elegant body designs, Ibanez S series guitars offer incredible playability and comfort for aspiring shredders.

Ibanez S Series Guitars

Although the RG series may be Ibanez’s most famous guitar range, the S series is a close second when it comes to popularity. With a more traditional aesthetic, S series instruments are notorious for having a supremely thin body design; thickening in the middle to accommodate their pickups and in most cases a double-locking tremolo system.

Making them incredibly ergonomic and lightweight, Ibanez’s acclaimed “Wizard” neck carves are also very skinny, with the majority of S series guitars featuring these signature neck shapes. Ultimately designed to enhance the player’s speed and fretboard dexterity, it’s clear that the S series was formulated by Ibanez to provide guitarists with the most playable instruments available, and their reputation today is testament to that.

With affordable models like the S521 giving beginners and intermediates a fantastic foundation to practice and develop their skills on, there are also many high-end alternatives. The Premium range is a notable step up, with these particular instruments featuring DiMarzio pickups and Gibraltar hardware.

The Prestige models are even classier, crafted in Japan using only the best luthiers and materials available. There’s a reason why many professional touring guitarists opt for Ibanez S series instruments, with Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth), Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) and Herman Li (Dragonforce) all basing their signature models off of the S series.

Ibanez S Series Guitars FAQs

What is the Ibanez S Series?

The S Series is a popular electric guitar model from Ibanez. Introduced in 1987 as the ‘Saber’, the Ibanez S Series is a modern take on the classic S-type guitar with forward-thinking features that include a thin heavily-contoured body, super-slim Wizard neck, 24 frets and high-output pickups. Ergonomic and versatile - the Ibanez S Series is built for performance!

Who plays an Ibanez S Series guitar?

Ibanez S Series guitars are synonymous with shredders, thanks to their incredible playability and comfort. Joe Satriani and Frank Gambale were among the earliest proponents of the Ibanez S Series in the late ‘80s, who helped in initially popularising the model. Today, the likes of Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper), Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth) and Paul Waggoner (Between the Buried and Me) use Ibanez S Series guitars.

What pickups are in an Ibanez S Series guitar?

The Ibanez S Series is diverse, with models split into different ranges that cater for certain price-points. The range starts with the affordable and traditionally-styled SA Series guitars, which come equipped with proprietary medium-output Ibanez Quantum/Resolution pickups. The Axion Label S Series models are fitted with powerful Fishman Fluence active pickups that are extremely popular with metal and hard rock players. Ibanez Prestige S Series guitars usually come installed with high-quality DiMarzio pickups.