Hudson Electronics

Hudson are a boutique pedal company, specialising in boost, overdrive and fuzz pedals. Using only the best components available, Hudson’s products offer premium tones that recapture some old-school magic.

Hudson Electronics

Based in Hutton, East Yorkshire, Hudson Electronics offer hand-crafted guitar pedals with retro styling and sounds. Using vintage-style strip-boards, as well as new old-stock germanium and silicon transistors from Europe, Hudson’s pedals are bringing nostalgic tones back into the 21st Century. 

Hudson’s product range is led by their renowned Broadcast units. These germanium-based preamp pedals are based off a classic mixing console from the 60s; capable of delivering anything from an authentic clean boost to a heavy distortion with some hints of fuzz.

The Sidecar 808 is a slightly different affair, inspired by an iconic TS-style circuit. However, with a powerful 2-band EQ, a wider range of gain and more headroom, this pedal takes the core elements of the original but adds far more versatility.