Hansen Guitars

Hearkening from Denmark, Hansen Guitars offer premium hand-made instruments constructed using some of the finest materials and components available.

Hansen Guitars

Since 1984, owner and luthier Henning Hansen has dedicated the majority of his life to crafting some of the most exemplary electric guitars currently on the market. Opting to use exotic tonewoods to ensure the best tones possible, all Hansen models feature lightweight African Mahogany bodies, to ultimately deliver a gloriously deep and rich sound with an open and resonant tonality.

Installed with handwired pickups and their signature Norwegian Moose Bone Nut, the custom hand-made look and feel is evident, and is indeed what makes Hansen's instruments so special. 

Hansen Guitars FAQs

Where are Hansen Guitars made?

Hansen Guitars handcrafts its instruments in a small workshop in Denmark. The brand’s founder and master luthier, Henning Hansen, constructs his guitars using some of the finest tonewoods and components available - for optimal sounds and sublime playability.

What unique features do Hansen Guitars have?

Hansen Guitars builds its instruments using exotic materials. Lightweight African Mahogany is employed to construct the bodies of its guitars, offering a gorgeously rich sound, while European Maple is typically used for its necks. However, a truly unique Hansen feature is the use of a Norwegian Moose bone nut. Buried beneath the earth for a year, this natural treatment leaves the bone rigid and ideal for shaping.

Can I custom order a Hansen Guitar?

You can request your very own custom Hansen guitar through Andertons Music Co. Commission your very own specs, from the body and fingerboard materials down to the guitar colour - with further options available. Simply use our ‘contact us’ form to get started!