The GigRig

The GigRig are here to provide you with the best electronics, power solutions and sound quality possible for your setup.

The GigRig

Formed in 2003 by our friend Dan Steinhardt, who you'll recognise from That Pedal Show Youtube channel, The GigRig aims to cover all your technical needs. From patch cables to switching systems, The GigRig focuses on all the bits and bobs that go in between your guitar, amps and pedals. 

Buying cheap in this department can have a hugely detrimental effect on your tone. But invest in products from a quality company like The GigRig and you'll never complain of signal loss, harsh sounds or background hum. 

International musicians such as Noel Gallagher and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien use The Gigrig products as part of their live rigs. Testament to the security their switches and supplies provide. The GigRig consists of a small team focused in creating high quality electronics all hand-built in the UK. 

Over the past 25 years Daniel Steinhardt has reviewed and tested guitar gear. He knows exactly what required when building a rig. Be it the correct pedal Ohmage to buffering, or designing the perfect pedalboard.