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Fulltone USA Clyde Standard Wah Pedal


Founded in 1991 by LA based musician Michael Fuller, Fulltone are on a mission to design & build the highest quality guitar FX pedals on the planet. These pedals are all hand made & hand wired - often using components that Michael makes himself because the "off the shelf" ones just aren't good enough for him. We haven't seen or heard a bad review about a Fulltone Pedal - when you read the user reviews on Harmony Central, every pedal gets a rave response - and if you look at the user list on the Fulltone web site you'll find some of the worlds greatest guitar players have been using Fulltone for years. Another hot topic with pedals is "True Bypass Switching". All Fulltone pedals feature "True By Pass" switching - that means that when the pedal is switched off there is absolutely zero signal loss or interference from the pedal - it's like the pedal isn't even there! Whilst many manufacturers claim to have true by pass switching, this is not always the case. Try your pedals out & see how different your amp sounds when you remove the pedal from the chain. The better your guitar & amp are, the more you'll hear the difference. And to top it all, Fulltone pedals come with a 5 year warranty.

See how the Fulltone Clyde Standard fared in our Wah Pedal Shootout - Watch the video below!

Here's what Fulltone say about the Clyde Standard Wah Pedal:

Clyde McCoy was a big-band Trumpet Player in the '60s... not a great musician, but one famous for getting a muted "wah wah" sound. This led to Vox trying to approximate this muted trumpet sound in a pedal... hence the Vox "Clyde McCoy" wah wah circa 1967. Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton used a Vox "Clyde McCoy" model wah wah. Photos taken during the recording of "Electric Ladyland" document Jimi's as being the "signature" model, featuring Clyde McCoy's name written out script style on the bottomplate. The other type of Clyde McCoy was the "picture" version, which had Clyde's photo on the bottomplate. The "signature" model, with it's great sounding "halo" inductor, is what the Fulltone CLYDE is modelled after.

The Fulltone"CLYDE" was born from taking the best of the best of my more than 25 piece vintage Vox wah collection, and analyzing every aspect... going so far as sacrificing a few of the vintage inductors to get it right. Our Inductor is a tuned core hand-made unit using EXACTLY the same type wire and inductance as the '60's era Vox, except VERY consistent from one unit to the next. A tuned core inductor is much more expensive to make, but the end result is worth it, drop this into your wah and Experience the difference!

Important!!! All Fulltone wah inductors have a custom MuMetal Cover which virtually eliminates all Hum!

The only change from the original '60's Vox design is the addition of a very usable internal "Resonance Control" which is a large durable trimmer, for Bass and gain adjustment, which is easily adjustable by hand without tools and with room to mark your favorite settings. The Potentiometer, the most overlooked part of the circuit, is one of the keys to a good wah wah sound and there hasn't been a proper "tapered" pot, since the '60's "Icar" in any major manufacturer's wah. This is one of the reasons the '70s, '80s, and '90s wahs are so mediocre. We've made our own I call the Fullrange pot (... ours has a double screened carbon composition track giving a 500,000 turn life span instead of the standard industry 15,000.

"I don't like the original Vox-type housings that everyone uses, and I had to design and produce one that made more sense. The traditional housings don't give enough travel and potentiometer range, limiting your tonal sweep, and they have little compensation for tension or feel. The Fulltone "Clyde" uses our own custom-made 14 ga. welded steel pedal with nylon pivot points and much more travel than the conventional Vox-style ones that everyone uses. It has nylok nuts so you can adjust the tension of the treadle, and it stays that way until you change it. As with all Fulltone pedals, the "Clyde" has true bypass switching so that when it's "off" it's not colouring your sound or ruining the performance of other pedals in your signal chain."

The Clyde also has a standard 2.1mm negative center-pin AC adapter port with anti-hum filtering and protection diode.

CLYDE wah devotees include:

  • The Rolling Stones
  • Joe Satriani
  • The Black Crowes
  • Ian Moore
  • Steve Stevens
  • Oasis
  • Buzzy Feiten
  • John Abercrombie
  • Jen Turner
  • Henry Kaiser

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