Focusrite Clarett Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Clarett Audio Interfaces

The next step up from the highly-popular Scarlett. Focusrite take recording to the next level with the Clarett, providing pro quality sound conversion and a number of setup options.

Focusrite are one of the biggest names in recording hardware and the Clarett is one of the leading factors. 

A mid-range interface available in studio or desktop models, the Clarett delivers at every turn. It offers 24-bit/192kHz digital conversion for pristine sounding takes and precise monitoring over audio levels. 

The ultra-low noise mic preamps are great for dynamic, ribbon or condenser mics of any brand. Smooth warm tone every time. 

You can always expand with the Clarett as your setup grows. The ADAT input allows for and additional eight input channels if you’re in a big band situation. All this includes the Ableton Live Lite DAW to get you started straight out the box.

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