Fender Player Plus Series

Fender Player Plus Series Meteora Guitars & Basses

Featuring a striking offset design, the Meteora guitars and basses are the latest additions to Fender's popular Player Plus range. Fusing unmistakable Fender style and a host of player-friendly features, the Meteora is sure to stand out in a crowd!

Fender Player Plus Series Meteora Guitars & Basses

The Meteora was originally introduced as part of Fender's Parallel Universe range and was the brainchild of Fender designer Josh Hurst. Boasting a radical new body shape, the Meteora brought together innovative Fender design and superb playability. New for 2022, the Meteora is once again available as part of Fender's popular Player Plus range, this time in both guitar and bass form!

The Mexican-made Meteora guitars and basses are loaded with a set of powerful Fireball™ humbucking pickups that deliver exceptional clarity with a distinct Fender snarl! S-1 switching on the guitars and active electronics on the basses allow for a host of tone shaping options, giving you all the tools to make a statement as bold as the design.

With both traditional and modern finish options available, there is sure to be a Meteora that matches your personality! Each guitar and bass comes with a deluxe gig bag included so it's ready to hit the road when you are!

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