Fender Jazz Bass Guitars

Fender American Performer Series Jazz Basses

Step into the Fender USA range with the Performer Series. The Jazz bass is one of the oldest and most iconic bass designs of all time, with an elegant offset shape and crisp, articulate tone!

Fender American Performer Series Jazz Basses

This is Fender’s most affordable US-made range. With a number of upgrades including spectacular Yosemite pickups, innovative Greasebucket tone circuit and all-American vintage style hardware, the Performer range is rugged and reliable enough for even the most rigorous of gigging schedules.

Performer series Jazz basses have everything you'd expect from Fender - lightweight Alder body for a balanced tone, bolt-on Maple neck for that quintessential Fender attack, and a choice of either Maple or Rosewood fretboard, to suit your preference in tone and feel.

The Yosemite Single-Coil Jazz Bass pickups offer up excellent and versatile tone, from warm, rounded bass notes to punchy, percussive midrange to accentuate your groove. Pair this with the Fender's proprietary Greasebucket tone circuit and you have an instrument that really does it all. Now you can finetune your tone without that muddy mess you often get when the tone is rolled off. It'll shape your highs without adding bass and losing articulation.

With vintage-paddle tuning keys and a vintage 4-saddle steel bridge your can be assured of rock solid tuning stability and a truly authentic Fender tone that just can't quite be replicated!

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